Institutional Asset Management

Straits Financial’s seasoned professional money managers provide comprehensive asset management services for individual investors, institutional investors, and family offices seeking long-term portfolio protection, diversification and growth.

Institutional Trading Tools

Our institutional clients have access to an assortment of quote systems, trading software, and real-time monitoring of credit and risk management control processes. By design, our technology offers professionals and institutions reliable high-volume order execution within the highest security standards.

Institutional Trading Services

Our dedicated institutional trading team services the unique needs of the diversified trader and our experienced and knowledgeable team is ready to assist in the efficient execution of trades, as well as provide specialized trading support to professional and institutional Clients

Trading Support

Order Entry by Phone

Our 24-hour Execution Desk and execution services are available to provide support for orders placed through one of our offered trading platforms or if clients require floor-based trade execution services. +1.312.462.4499

Clearing Support

Straits clients can access their daily equity runs, daily and monthly statements, margin call and open order reports, and other notices via our Customer Portal.

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