Full Service

A full service account can be the answer if you are new to the futures market. This account allows your Straits broker to work closely with you to assist you in developing a complete trading plan based on your needs and goals as well as guide you through the process of learning about futures trading.

As your understanding, skills and techniques develop, you may want to migrate to a more hands on approach.


Whether you are new to futures or are a seasoned veteran with a preference to have a hands-on approach to your trading but would like to have access to a broker for recommendations and advice, a broker-assist account is best for you.

With Straits, you don’t have to face the markets alone. With your Straits market strategists on your side as your own personal market resource; you can be assured that their goal is to help you succeed.

Self-Directed Online

Experienced traders may want to make all the trading decisions and execute trades themselves. Straits offers a variety of self-executed platforms, each presenting their own unique features to cater to your trading requirements. You also get quality service from our 24 hour trade desk staffed with experienced futures professionals.

Via the Straits website, clients can access current and historical account statements, as well as trading tools such as quotes, charts, and research reports.

Contact Straits Customer Service via email at info@straitsfinancial.com or give us a call at +1.312.462.4499 to speak with a Straits representative about which type of account best fits your profile.

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